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Residents, please contact us with details if you have any worries or concerns, what is or isn’t happening, issues you want raising at the next meeting or any comments in general. Your submission will be forwarded on to the relevant person, replies aren’t always possible but if one is required then you will recieve one. We look forward to hearing from you.

Privacy Notice

If we send you an email it is because we believe we have your consent to use your email address in order to send information on behalf of Blackford Community Council.

If you no longer wish to receive emails from Blackford Community Council, please let us know at

We believe that this method of communication is the most direct and cost effective way of communicating with those who can receive emails. We also aim to produce newsletters, display notices and share information via our website.

We do this in line with our duty to be open and accountable.

It is our view that the processing of personal data relies on consent applies in most cases, and in other cases are necessary to carry out our duties in the public interest.

Our email provider and web hosting service is Expert IT Solutions Ltd and we have a contract with them which complies with GDPR

We aim to review your consent, and refresh our contact list regularly. We will delete email addresses where the purpose for which they were stored is no longer valid. We aim to act quickly in response to any request to add or remove an email address from our contact list.

If you are no longer receiving emails from us and wish to do so again please contact us at